The 3 Best Practices for Effective Collaboration with Millennials

The 3 Best Practices for Effective Collaboration with Millennials


“Millennials expect to build a better future, using the collaborative power of digital technology.”

                                                                                            – Mal Fletcher

Leaders and administers in business show understand how differently the millennial generation communicates with the world around it through technology and social media. Professionals should seek to be deliberate in their efforts to connect with the millennial generation and carve out space for them to operate within and organization in the most optimum way in terms of verbal and online communication, conduct, and social media.

3 Reasons Why Millennials Are Good Job Candidates: 

1. They communicate in a majorly different way than you which leads to their exceptional skills with social media and marketing.

2. They think differently from you as they are the one of the most diverse generation in history.

3. They are eager and expect too much from everything. In the workplace, this is favouring as they are passionate and ready to get work done.

Bonus Video Resource

Traciana describes how these intergenerational differences can be a resource for companies, and her dialogue will help the business community model its professional behavior to create inspirational environments for the millennial sections of its workforce and attract future millennial patronage. Firstly, leaders must have an idea of how many millennials constitute the workforce of their organizations. Secondly, they must examine current company practices that are working to make the professional environment more inclusive; and thirdly, decide if there are any on-going measures that are concrete and effective. Watch this space for more in-depth information and tips on how best to build intergenerational bridges.


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