Welcome the VLNetwork’s Internship Experience!



In order to qualify to take part in our internship program, a student must:
– Have an outstanding academic record with an interest in gaining experience working within the education, business, or marketing sector
– Have a passion for social justice, multiculturalism, inclusion, and wellness
– Exhibit interest in engaging in social marketing, volunteer work, event coordination, and social education initiatives
– Be a strong communicator with an interest in bringing people together
– Represent him or herself professionally, be attentive to details and be a flexible problem-solver
– Passionate about cultivating accessible, content-rich, action-oriented programs



Interns gain real-world work experience in their ideal sector, helping them develop skills in:

– Leadership
– Time management
– Organization
– Communication
– Grant and resume writing
– Effectively communicating their messages using social media technologies, including blogs and social media platforms
– Marketing and developing campaigns to support their efforts in their chosen sector
– Interns may be considered for employment in their role.

Current Intern Roles Available

– Social Media Management Intern
– Marketing/Operations Assistant Intern
– Business Development/Marketing Intern
– Intern-Education Specialist/Instructor
– General Operations Intern
– Event Manager Intern
– Graphic Designer Intern

Additional Information

Internship Supervisor – Traciana Graves, CEO
Address – 215 W. 125th Street 4th Floor CUNY Suite
Email – TGraves@TheVLNetwork.com
Tel – +1(646) 397-5663


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