In the work that we’ve done with leaders around the country, there is a 3-part process that we have found to be effective in creating inclusive and innovative workplaces:

Part 1 | Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Assessment Tool:

A customized assessment tool that has been carefully prepared is one of the most valuable processes leaders can implement to determine to uncover the both obvious and undetected challenges undermining multicultural retention and collaboration. This measurement tool can be one of the most effective resources for leadership to determine which workplace policies and protocols need to be eliminated, improved, or optimized.

Part 2 | Development of a Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Plan:

As the 
Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Assessment Tool is such an integral part of this plan, it is essential to choose a survey provider who will be working with your team to implement the recommendations that emerge from this assessment tool. These recommendations, in fact, provide the architecture for the Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Plan. This plan must be carefully constructed and include the following 4 criteria – it must be: comprehensive, attainable, sustainable, and measurable.


Part 3 | Implementation of the Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Plan:

The personal commitment of executive and managerial teams is intrinsic to any company’s ability to effectively implement diversity inclusion in the workplace. It  is essential that leaders are provided the resources and time to  benefit from their own coaching and training protocols to foster their skill to effectively lead a multicultural workforce. For any diversity and inclusion workplace plan to be effective, leaders must be aware that working from the top down is the only way to sustain the practices and protocols that are developed in the Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Plan.




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