On November 1, 2016, The VLNetwork officially launched our interactive live-stream series: Visionary Leader Exchange! Visionary Leader Exchange is a virtual mentoring series featuring thought leaders that respond to questions from the HR and elite business community. Episode 1: Rethinking Global Marketing to Compete in the 21st Century, Features Oz Sultan, an internationally recognized tech & marketing consultant.

Visionary Leader Exchange: Episode 1

Rethinking Global Marketing to Compete in the 21st Century is an essential episode for business leaders in the entrepreneurial and corporate sector. The unprecedented shifts in the global market are redefining the roles of HR professionals’ marketing departments, middle managers, and executives alike. This episode revealed many of the essential nuances involved in the ways that leaders rethink how they will lead, as well as compete, in the 21st century. Oz highlighted best practices for:

– Developing a marketing platform for a global market
– Learning what leaders need to know for leadership in a post-Internet world
– Leveraging big data for understanding your business and finding customers for tomorrow

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About Visionary Leader Exchange Guest: Oz Sultan

Oz Sultan is a veteran with 20 years experience developing innovative solutions for brands, icons and Fortune 100 companies. He’s also at the forefront of American Muslim affairs and interfaith engagement.

Over the past 5 years, Oz has leveraged social media signaling and analysis of trend and social data to focus on Big Data analysis and how patterns can aid in solving complex problems around us. Three years ago, he stumbled across ISIS signaling and has since leveraged analysis and understanding in this arena to develop a Digital Anti-ISIS framework and disruption methodology for stopping what he calls “ISIS – the Media agency that also sells terror.”





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