The Visionary Leader Network is proudly producing the mini-documentary “Pennies From Harlem” This project features “Seasoned Vegan”, the only soul food vegan restaurant in the history of Harlem. We will be release sneak peeks and behind the scenes footage starting in early 2018. We will be premiering the full project in March. Stay tuned for more details.

The Story 

Seasoned Vegan is a family business owned and operated by mother and son, Brenda and Aaron Beener. They pride themselves on being loyal to their vegan/vegetarian customers by maintaining an organic, 100% vegan menu while creating meals that are delicious enough to satisfy the most skeptical omnivore.

Their restaurant specializes in preparing a unique type of cuisine: gourmet vegan soul food. Brenda and Aaron Beener use the term “soul food” loosely because they are not referring exclusively to the typical cuisine of the Southern region of the United States.

Brenda and Aaron Beener believe that “Soul Food is any meal prepared by a chef who not only includes flavorful ingredients but also infuses tender love and care.” With that as a founding theme, Seasoned Vegan gives typical Italian, Asian, Middle Eastern, Caribbean and American dishes a vegan, home cooked, soulful twist.



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