“Truth is a point of view but authenticity can’t be faked.”

Authenticity helps corporate leader, coworkers and entrepreneurs develop deeper connections with others, whether it is their clients or partners. Research shows us that trust in business leaders is low and this can have an inhibiting effect on both employees and customers. For this reason the awareness and popularity of authentic leadership is increasing.

However, authenticity or being true to yourself is sometimes difficult. We are often drived by the desire for others’ approval or to fit in. Many still live a life of trying to be what society expects of them, albeit mostly unconsciously. Sometimes we try to make ourselves how we think we should be, ignoring traits that make us uniquely us.

Bonus Video Resource

Watch Traciana Graves invite corporate leaders to stand in their bold, brilliant, and authentic selves and encourage their employees to do the same. In defining an “authentic self,” she says that it is the part of your personality that contains your unique selling point or brand, as is mentioned in the business world. It is an unapologetic presentation of all that makes up your individual mindset. However, the challenge for employers arises when they want to encourage employees being their authentic selves, but not at odds with the values and ideals of the organization or company that they all work for.

An authentic self is you standing proudly in “who you really are.” And, in 3 simple lessons, Traciana trains employers on how best to help the members of their workplaces accept their true selves- in terms of culture, gender, race, and every other divisive category in society and the professional workplace.




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