Expert Invite: Become An Associate Partner

Expert Invite: Become An Associate Partner

VLN is currently assembling a team to provide a broad-based cultural change program to fortune 500 companies and companies in high growth stages.  We are seeking area content experts in communication, strategy, leadership, leadership development, finance, diversity, and inclusion to facilitate professional development events and serve as coaches and ultimately consultants for our corporate clients.

About the VLN Associate Partner Program

The Visionary Leaders Network is a multimedia platform dedicated to reshaping the narrative around authentic leadership, inclusion, and innovation. We have a state of the art web-based video platform featuring member stories and delivering instructional content for leaders in our target markets.

In Q1 of 2019, we will roll out a high-level consulting program targeted at Fortune 500 companies in the USA.


Benefits Of Becoming A VLN Associate Partner

1. Development of personal and professional brand and expansion of coaching and consulting business opportunities on a contract basis in both local, national and international markets

2. Being a featured as an expert guest in our Virtual Summits, in-person events, podcast series, and syndicated web series

3. Benefit from the opportunity to receive keynote speaking opportunities and professional development as a speaker

4. Access to fellow industry leaders, top-tier entrepreneurs, and c-suite members.

5. Gain increased traffic for your own brand and expertise by benefitting from exposure to an audience of more than 2.3 million through the collective social media following of our partners and featured guests.

About The VLNetwork

The Visionary Leader Network is an emerging multi-media hub that produces training, thought leadership and interactive events series to help businesses build the strongest, highest performing workforce teams possible. In doing so, we support individuals in achieving extraordinary breakthroughs in their businesses and lives.


Ready to Join Our Growing Team of Visionary Leaders?

All of our Associate Partners must have four winning traits, which we know you embody:

1. Deep experience in your area of expertise (ideally with 10+ years of experience and published thought leadership)

2. Excellent communication and presentation skills

3. Interest in growing your business and helping other companies to build their strategies

4. Each member of our team will be content experts in the top in their field, with at least 10 years experience, well-developed training content and published thought leadership (e.g. book, articles, etc) on their topic of expertise.

Next Steps

For more information about becoming a partner and/or guest on one of our multimedia shows, please click here to fill out this contact form and we will be in touch soon!


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