Welcome Visionary Corporate Leaders to The Visionary Leader Network!

We recognize the indescribable dedication, commitment and grit that you cultivate– on a daily basis in your role as a success-driven business leader.
The Visionary Leader Network was created to be a global extension of the deep work Traciana Graves, founder, and her team have accomplished with leaders in the private and corporate sector.  We recognize that never before have business leaders faced the unique challenges and opportunities inherent in meeting the needs of today’s global market place and diverse workforce. The Visionary Leader Network is dedicated to reshaping the narrative around authentic leadership, inclusion and innovation.
The Visionary Leader Network is dedicated to providing business leaders with the resources they deserve to enhance leadership development, innovation and inclusion. We provide customized training, organizational development, multi-media thought leadership, and events. Our unique resources help our clients to create winning workplace cultures that enable each team member to bring their full, authentic and best selves to their workplace.
The VLNetwork provides leaders and their teams with the resources to:
Cultivate authentic leadership development
– Recruit and retain top diverse top talent
– Enhance multicultural & multi-generational collaboration
– Support your company in attaining or maintaining an employer of choice designation


Work With Us 

There are two ways we work with clients:
1. Clients can select from our menu of services which include thought leadership, risk assessments, strategic workshops and leadership coaching which leverage customized ongoing training & resources. For more information click here.
2. We also provide ongoing consulting. Our consulting offers best of class diversity consulting that builds upon our framework of inclusion, thereby allowing your company or organization to benefit from an inclusion innovation infrastructure. For more information, click here.
To view The VLNetwork Client Testimonials, click here.

Our Events

The Visionary Salon is our live- and virtual event series that is also filmed for one of our original television shows. The Visionary Salon is dedicated to offering business leaders in the corporate and entrepreneurial sector the tools, connections and community for greater business and personal success.
This televised event series features business leaders sharing their insights and experiences, in front of an intimate live audience.
For more information click here.

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It has been our privilege to interview some of the most innovative business leaders of our time in the process of creating The Visionary Leader Network Episodes. To access our exclusive curated recourses click here.




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